June 4, 2009

Thankful Thursday - a special gift from a good Friend

Our Pal Ginger Jasper shared this wonderful new award with all of his pals on the Cat Blogosphere. We're very thankful to have Ginger Jasper as a friend.

click image to biggify

Thanks so much for this wonderful award - we think you're pretty special too!!

Today is Hug your Cat Day! Don't forget to give your furry friend a BIG HUG today!!!


CCL Wendy said...

Yes, Happy Hug Your Cat Day! I guess you've got lots and lots of hugging to do! Of course, I'm sure that's just part of the daily routine, but it has extra special significance today.

Love your new award and picture selection!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your award! We get lots of hugs every day, but it's fun to get extra hugs, isn't it?

Meghann said...

Congratulations! You certainly deserve the award :)
Since I no longer have a cat, please give yours some nice little huggles for me :)

Hansel said...

Oh fanks fanks fur comin ta see benny's barkday partay yesserday!

Hug yoor cat deh huh? Tesla just hid in da odder room.

The Creek Cats said...

Isn't GJ the sweetest! We'd love to give him a big 'ol hug!!!

We are sending you guys hugs too! (((HUGS)))

pughy said...

What a lovely award, I think that is one of the loveliest one's I have seen. Enjoy your extra hugs.

Hugs GJ xx

Sandee said...

Have a purrfect Hug your Cat Day! :)

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khongrats on your purrrrrfekht award!

GJ and his mum are so furry nice - they should be khanines!

As for this khat hugging day thing, khome on over: I'll hug woo!


Teddy Bear said...

What a beautiful award. Congratulations! The picture of the two kitties is so cute!

Teddy Bear

Baby Patches said...

I luvs dat award from Ginger Jasper and those are some very cute pics for hug your cat day!!

Hugs to all of you!