June 6, 2009

Photo Hunters - Advertisement

This week's Photo Hunter's theme is Advertisement. Mom and Auntie El have a great website called Friends FurEver with lots of cool things for Cat lovers. They travel to Cat Shows and sell their things too! Here's their advertisement from our blog:
Our Pal Baby Patches has a great site with loads of things for Cats and Dogs and other pets. Here's the advertisement for Supplies Just 4 Pets:
Have a super Saturday!!!


Teena in Toronto said...

With a dog and two cats, I can use a place like that!

I played too :)

Anonymous said...

Hey I was on that site yesterday, it's got some good stuff. I wonder if they have anything to make Little Stevie Katz less of a psycho and/or Arjuna less terrified of her!

Sweet Praline said...

That definitely meets today's theme. When we get some green papers, we simply must come and visit!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh my!

I'll take one khat in a box please!


Meghann said...

Very nice shops, I found a couple of things for my dog at your friend's shop.
I did have an idea - for people who are buying gifts for 'hard to fit' people - what about nice scarves with that embroidered cat on them? I would love one of those, or could get one for my mom, without having to worry about sizes :)
Just a thought, your items are awesome no matter what :D
Have a furry great weekend!

pughy said...

I so agree with the scarf thing. Not to worry about size, not heavy to post. That would be good.

My mum already visited baby patches shop, its good, she will take a look at the other one.

Mum laughed so much at Khyra's request.

Hugs GJ xx

CRIZ LAI said...

Hmm.. I wonder if they have something for the pet owners since all the pets here are already pampered. LOL!

Please do drop in my blog to help me in a proper advertisement for a better cause. :)


Anonymous said...

We've never visited your shop, so we'll pop on over right away!

srp said...

I think I have used this store before. Great job!
My hunt is up here.

Daisy said...

You have some pretty things in your shop! We just ordered a honeysuckle toy from Baby Patches a couple days ago.

Gorgeous Nelly said...

I love cats and dogs. Great post. My entry is up too. Happy weekend.

Baby Patches said...

I luvs it! Thanks you so much, I thinks momma has checked out your shop before but she goes looks again! Dat is so nice of you guys, nosetaps all around!!

mariposa said...

A place just for your pets. Nice.

RJ Flamingo said...

Love the cute ads! I really should stop by...:-)

Mine’s at Flamingo Fotos.