August 8, 2009

World Cat Day 2009

Let us all celebrate ~ World Cat Day.

Celebrate kitties in your own special way.

Those here and near, and those now above,

all the kitties so dear, all the kitties we love.
Saturday, August 8, 2009

Since Mom says we celebrate ourselves effuryday, we're celebrating some of the Kitties who came before today. We don't want this to be a sad post - it's a celebration of some of the furry cool kitties Mom has known!

Cory was Sniffie's littermate...

Uriel - our first Birman. Uriel was a red point and was a sweetie! Uriel would give a Paws Up to World Cat Day!! Little Uriel had FIP and went to the Bridge at a very young age.

Uriel when he was a kitten - snuggling with Baschert

Tabriz - Mom's Flame Point Himalayan watching over little Baschert.
Mom's first Himalayan - Khartoum. Khartoum was Tabriz's daddy. Mom says she was WAY TOO tan in this picture and had on some VERY intense eyeshadow! We say she was WAY younger too!!
Pee ess - did anyone notice that Mom has a passion for RED???

Photo Hunters will return next week. Click HERE to see this week's entries.


Shinade aka Jackie said...

Oh no I didn't know. your babies are all so beautiful!!

Please forgive me for not being around the last few days. I have been having a great deal of pain in my back and hip for weeks now.

Today I finally had to see the DR. and I have a pinched nerve.

i didn't want to whine so I didn't tell anyone. But, i don't everyone to think that I have been ignoring them either!!

Happy Cat day and happy weekend!!:-)

Anonymous said...

How magnificent they all are! Your Mom also has a passion for the exotics! Mom use to do lots of eye makeup... back when she could see to put it on. Those days are long gone! :-D Mom also has a passion of red. It is 'somewhere' in every room!

Alasandra said...

Happy World Cat Day. We enjoyed seeing the ones who came before. ~S,S,C & F

Anonymous said...

What beautiful kitties they were~! It's nice that your mom is celebrating them today! We wish all of you a Happy World Cat Day!!!

Zoolatry said...

Lovin' all the long furs (naturally)... great photos of great kitties.
(I'm with Barb; eye makeup, who can see to put it on anymore... but we do remember the silver eyelid-days of yore).
Happy World Cat Day... (an extra purr to the woofies).

The Monkeys said...

Beautiful tribute to the sweeties that came before you! They're all so gorgeous.

Our Mom is the same about remembering the happy times about the kitties. She thinks it's the best way to pay tribute.

Happy World Cat day!

The Island Cats said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures of the ones that came before! What good memories you have of them!

Happy World Cat Day to you all!

(and our mom loves red too...she says every room in the house should have a little red in it!)

Sweet Praline said...

We remembered my sister who came before me, too! Such beautiful kitties and a wonderful post.

Pee ess - come on back, the video should be working now.

Laila and Minchie said...

Happy World Cat Day! What a beautiful post to those who came before. Beautiful babies!

Noll's Nip said...

So many, many lovely kitties. Happy World Cat Day to you all.

♥Da fambly cat-a-blog kitties♥ said...

Our momma says that red is a color of passion and like most of us, your momma ♥s her kitties with a lot of passion. So, red is a good color for her!

We is wishin' ebby kitty in the whole, wide world a safe and comfy WORLD CAT DAY. An we wish that for one day the whole world would do one thing nice fur a kitty that has no home.

The Creek Cats said...

Happy World Cat Day!!!

us4 said...

gorgeous kitties indeed.

happy wcd to ya.

Fin said...

Happiest of World Cat Days to you all!

Daisy said...

Gosh, those were some very beautiful and special kitties!

Happy World Cat Day to you.

pughy said...

What lovely pictures and happy smiling faces.. My mum also loves reds..

Hugs GJ xx

The Kitty Krew said...

Our Mommy did the same kind of post today for World Cat Day. It's a lovely way to pay tribute to them, and to the spirit of the day. It's nice to see your kitties who came before.

Happy World Cat to you all!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

Reese =^..^= said...

I loved the pictures! Happy World Cat Day from me to you. Enjoy it in your own special way.

BeadedTail said...

Happy World Cat Day to you all! This was a lovely tribute to the kitties who've crossed the bridge - all of whom were furry pretty!

Baby Patches said...

Happy World Cat Day!

Dat was very wonderfur of you to shows da bootiful sweet kitties before you. Thanks for sharings wif all us furriends!

Momma says she gettings da food up on da site dis weekend and she started wif wellness!


Reeni♥ said...

Those are the prettiest kitties I've ever seen!

The Cat Realm said...

Thank you for coming by and Happy World Cat Day to you too! It is good to remember all the ones who came before because they will always be with us!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Those were some EXTRA furry and tasty khytties!

Tank woo fur sharing!

Happy World Khat Day!


HotMBC aka The Hotties said...

Happy Werld Cat Day yall!
Alla Us Hotties

CA Burnside said...

Happy World Cat Day to you all!! We loved seeing all the beautiful pictures of the Cats who came before! Purrrs from us!
Your FL fuiends,

Samantha, Mr. Tigger and Maverick said...

OPPS: Mom forgot to sign out of her other Blog first!! That was us above!
Your FL furiends,

The Furry Kids said...

Happy World Cat Day!