October 20, 2009

Fiona and Orlando Bun posted this on the Cat Blogospher "Help us celebrate Derby’s birthday by posting a ‘Tocktober photo on October 20th. Show us your best back-side this ‘Tocktober."

Sniffie's 'tocks are darker than Ellie and Allie's even though they are all Birmans.

Mom had to "clean up" Tamir's tocks!!

This is a purrfect way to show how to tell Ellie and Allie apart.

This is Ellie....

And this is Allie - Allie has a white spot at the tip of her tail!!

Even the woofies participated!
Clifford is hard to photograph because he never stops moving!!

Cubby is looking at himself in the window!

Cousin Trooper has handsome, ManCatly tocks!!

We hope you enjoyed our Tocktober post!! Did you show us your 'tocks today???

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