February 28, 2010

The Carnival of the Cats


Welcome to the 311th Carnival of the Cats! There are all kinds of snacks.....

And, of course, Niptinis......

And Tuna Juice cocktails

Grab a snack and a beverage and stay for a while! There is a lot going on in the Cat Blogosphere this week!!

Cokie the Cat features an amazing story about Poppy! Poppy is one lucky pooch.

Samantha and Clementine are enjoying the rare sight of snow in Texas on a Wordless Thursday!

Hakuna from Blog d'Elisson is thinking about taking up camping...or maybe just napping on the sleeping bag. We've never visited Hakuna's blog before but we plan on visiting often.

Effurybuddy knows cats are meant to be worshiped. Elms in the Yard shows two excellent examples in their post.

We also know that naps are a very impawtent part of our day/night/life and we really don't want to have the flashy box disturbing us. Amber from TT&TOT is showing her displeasure at a purrfect nap being interrupted by the flashy box.

Speaking of naps.... Mr Jones from AllanThinks has a great new napping spot!

Eric and Flynn have an interesting submission this week....they say it only LOOKS like they are pooping!! Well...maybe in the last photo......................

Appearing in the Carnival for the Very First Time is Sparkle the Designer Cat! Binga and Boodie are doing their version of The Odd Couple! We want to extend a warm welcome to the Carnival to Sparkle and her family.

Luna over at CatSynth is very talented. Luna was featured at one of her human's performances. We're so fortunate to have such talented friends.

Artiemisa is having a great time with her new toys and is really settling in at her new forever home with Alasandra, The Cats & Dog. She sure is a cutie pie!

Over at Margs Pets they are celebrating Cat Nip Day! We think effuryday should be Cat Nip Day!! Tabatha is having a great time with the 'nip!!

There's a Neighborhood Watch going on at My Cats and Funny Stories We know the neighbors feel safer with this duo snooopervising.

At the Mind of Mog things have quieted down. A little visitor has gone home and life is back to normal!

Your human is going to scream SNORGLEFEST when you look at iMeowza's Tummy Tuesday post! Rolling in the dirt is such fun!!

No words are needed when you visit iInfidel!

We just found a new friend in Echo at Two Southern Girls. Echo likes all things electric! Of course, cuteness wins and he is always forgiven. We like the alarm clock trick!!

Ernie is having a blast with DaBird at The Island Cats. We think he did a good job catching it...we love DaBird!

Happy Birthday to Sukki! Did you miss Sukki's big birthday bash? If you did, stop by Jacqueline's Cat House and say Happy Birthday to Sukki!

We all know kitties have healing power. Maddie at StrangeRanger is a great Nurse Kitty!! We hope Maddie's bean feels better soon.

That's all we have for now. We'll add any others that we receive as the day goes on so check back later! A few of the submissions didn't show up earlier (along with the Cat Blogosphere). We think effurything is back up and running now!

We hope you had great time at the Carnival! Don't forget to ride the Ferris wheel - it's a great place for snoopervising!

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Cokie the Cat: Hollywood Insider said...

Hey! I'm the first cat in the carnival and the first to leave a comment.. I should go to bed!! (Right after that ferris wheel ride)

Thanks for including my blog and for such an awesome carnival!

Cokie the Cat

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Hi, we came over to join in the fun! This is our very ferst carnival so we are very excited. We're gonna go on the ferris wheel straight away!

Brian's Home Blog said...

WOW, you've got quite a party going on!

The Island Cats said...

What a fun carnival!! We love the ferris wheel!!

Here's Ernie's submission for the party!

Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

Oh we LOVES the Ferris Wheel. You can see so far when you are on top. We are off to see what all the cats are up to. ~AFSS

Sweet Purrfections said...

I just love a carnival! I keep missing these events because of my mom!

Jacqueline said...

This is very cool!...We love rides and we might have to have a niptini...or two...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for letting us post late!!...Our entry of the week would have to be Sukki's birthday party=it was such fun and we still have a few left over nip cupcakes, but not for long!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Jacqueline said...

Error in last post, the real post is: http://jacquelinescathouse.blogspot.com/2010/02/happy-birthday-sukki.html
We think Mom is still waking up=sorry!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Jacqueline said...

We give up...happy-birthday-sukki.html

One Cats Nip said...

Great Carnival!!!

Michelle said...

What an adorable post! You are so right about cats needing to be worshipped!

I've missed you guys. It really is great to be back to blogging and it's mainly because of people like you :)

BeadedTail said...

We hadn't heard about the carnival but it looks like a lot of fun! We'll check out the events!

Love Meow said...

What a wonderful post :). Carnival looks super fun. Meow!

Meghann said...

Goodness, this certainly is the place to be! Thanks for all of the great links :)

Marg said...

This is our first carnival of cats and it is wonderful. The tuna cocktail looks like the best to us. Thanks so much for including us.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Woo KNOW how much fun I had!


Anonymous said...

This is one of the best carnivals that we've been to! Now, let's ride the wheel:)

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

This is a great carnival. We are going on the Ferris Wheel first and then having a niptini or two when we get off.

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Good job you guys!

Teddy Bear said...

It look like you are all having a pawesome time!

Teddy Bear

Kiril Kundurazieff said...

Aye, Caramba!

I really AM getting old!

I knew I forgot something this past week!

With all the excitement over Daddy & his gifts for my birthday, and other posts, I fortgot to submit to Carnival!

A great job! I loved the pictures, and will check out the posts!

Nikita Cat

Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat


Rahel Jaskow said...

Thank you for a wonderful Carnival!

Sasha said...

You look very relaxed and are obviously taking a well earned rest.