January 24, 2012

Tasty Tuesday - Mr. Chewy Review

We were recently approached by an online food delivery company called Mr. Chewy.  In return for a $50 coupon, we were asked to review Mr. Chewy's products and their service.

Mom checked out their website and saw that they carried all of our favorites and even a few products we would like to try, so we said YES!!

Mom placed our order on Tuesday the 17th.  We were eager to see how quickly the products would arrive and we were really happy to receive our package on Thursday the 19th!  Mr. Chewy really delivers FAST!

Hey Mom......what's this???

It's from Mr. Chewy!!
Tamir checks the box...yes, the package is well packed!

Allie wants a closer inspection...

We ordered our regular food, Wellness Complete Health, and some great Fancy Feast stinky goodness!!  Mom says shipping is free for orders of $49 or more and only $4.95 or orders less than $49.  What made Mom (and us) even happier is that you can set up a subscription order for anytime from every 2 weeks to every 14 weeks.  We will  never have to worry about running out of noms!!!  We checked the woofie food and Mr. Chewy carries our woofies favorites too!  We give Mr. Chewy 20 paws up!

A little more info on Mr. Chewy from their promotional flyer:

-          70+ Brands – Mr. Chewy offers a wide selection and adding new in demand brands regularly.
-          Subscription based ordering for hassle free delivery of your favorite products.
-          Prompt shipping throughout the United States.
-          Free Shipping for any order over $49
-          Royal Canin is in & at HIGHLY competitive prices! - http://www.mrchewy.com/b/dog-food/royal-canin-          Competitive pricing on Frontline - http://www.mrchewy.com/s/frontline Mr. Chewy is Proud to Offer:
 -          Blue Buffalohttp://www.mrchewy.com/s/blue-buffalo-          Orijenhttp://www.mrchewy.com/s/orijen-          Taste of the Wild – http://www.mrchewy.com/s/taste-of-the-wild-          Dogswell – http://www.mrchewy.com/s/dogsweell-          Royal Canin Veterinary Diet – http://www.mrchewy.com/s/royal-canin-veterinary-diet-          Ziwipeak – http://www.mrcehwy.com/s/ziwipeak-          Stella & Chewy- http://www.mrchewy.com/s/stella-and-chewy-          Natural Balance – http://www.mrchewy.com/s/natural-balance Follow Mr.Chewy’s escapades on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/MrChewyPets On Twitter:http://www.twitter.com/MrChewy
When you order, please use our referral code : SHAR4190 You'll get 10% off your order AND Mr. Chewy will donate $10 to a pet charity. Mr Chewy gives you 3 choices and  Mom chose the North Shore Animal League.

Tamir says, enough of the review....lets get into the noms!!!

Cousin Trooper wants to thank everybuddy who purred for Auntie El to get a good report.  She did!  There are some problem areas that linger (scar tissue and swelling) but NO CANCER!!!


BeadedTail said...

We really need to get our mommy to check out Mr. Chewy so we get stinky goodness delivered to us! We're happy to hear about Auntie El too!

Sweet Purrfections said...

Yay! No cancer for Auntie El!

We liked Mr. Chewy, too. Make sure your mom doesn't throw away the box and paper the foods came in. We are still playing in ours.

Pellie / Penny said...

Ain't Life grand - when your food is delivered right to your door.
And is comes in such a nice box to play in.


Barb and TheDailyGs said...

No Cancer is excellent news! What a blessing! Woohoo!

And these photos are more evidence that it just doesn't matter what's in the box, as long as there is a box!

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Oh TREATS n a BOX ... you are lucky!!! Happy Tasty Tuesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

FYI: Add this post(url) to our Tasty Tuesday Blog HOP. Details on our blog. Golden Woofs, Sugar

Fuzzy Tales said...

Very cool box and paper to play with, that's the best thing. Ha.

We're glad the Mr. Chewy site is good to order from. Now why can't Canada have sites like this too? 'Cause even when US companies ship to Canada, and many don't, the shipping charges are exorbitant.

BTW, we are VERY happy to read that Auntie El is cancer-free! Fabulous!

Marg said...

That is great news about Auntie El. It is always so scary to go back for check ups. I know I get nervous.
We did Mr. Chewy too and were very pleased. It is a great place. Take care.

Brian said...

I am quite pleased with them too, great review gang!!!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Hurrah for your Auntil Els - we bet she has a big smile on her face.
It sounds like Mr Chewy is a good Company - Mum wishes there was one here.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

The Cat From Hell said...

Wow! Fopod delivered right to your door1 And a FABULOUS BOX!
Me is gonna has to have a look at their site.

The Island Cats said...

That was a great review! We love Mr. Chewy too!! Our mom has ordered from different online pet food stores in the past. She's switching to Mr. Chewy now because orders over $49 ship free...and they ship really fast!! And the prices are good too!!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Yippee for Auntie El....and a big Yippee for Mr. Chewey too.

(Wonder if there's a Mrs. Chewey out there somewhere?)

Kolchak Puggle said...

We love Mr. Chewy! They helped us to give a whole bunch of treats to our favourite rescue! They were so helpful and the service was GREAT! We would definitely use them again!

Pattyskypants said...

Those boxes look like FUN! xxoo Bhu

Anonymous said...

Dear Angel Sniffie, Ellie, Allie, Mir, Cubby and Clifford - thank you so much for this "furtastic" review! We are so glad that you and your mom enjoyed your experience with Mr. Chewy! Welcome to the Mr. Chewy family :)

And thank you everyone for all the sweet comments!! We love you all, too :)

Eric and Flynn said...

Mr Chewy sounds great with all the positive reviews of him. We wish he would come to the UK.
Great news for Auntie El.