January 22, 2013

National Answer your Cat's Questions Day!!

From the Official Holidaypedia Page:

Answer Your Cat's Question Day
Ever wonder what your cat's really thinking when he's staring at you? Well today's the day to seriously consider what is that's on your cat's mind? In observance of Answer Your Cat's Question Day, take a moment to gaze into your cat's eyes, chitter-chatter with him or her, observe it's cute body language and ask yourself, "Just what is this cat saying to me?" I'll bet you'll find the answer...
Observed: January 22, annually

Since today is National Answer your Cat's Questions Day. We have a few questions for Mom and we know she can't ignore them today.

1. Why don't we have Stinky Goodness all day long? We think it should be available 24/7.

2. We like to sleep on your pillow, why do you think your head should be there???

3. Why do you think it's strange that we sleep in the PTU but howl our heads off if YOU put us in there?

4. We would like to visit our blog pals more often. Can you quit your job and spend more time with us?

5. Napping is a major sport for us, why don't you beans nap more?

6. Why do you try to close the bathroom door? Don't you understand that we worry that you could be in danger in there and we might have to save you from being flushed away???

7. What's the deal with the flashy box? Can't you EVER put it away??

8. Can the boogie mat travel anywhere in the world?

9. We like to whap things. Why don't you put more things on the counter for us to whap?

10. When can we do this again?

So what are you going to ask YOUR beans???


Meghann said...

Why aren't there more flies and mice in the house? We need SPORT!
Why do you sleep at night? It is the perfect time to tap dance!

Sweet Praline said...

That's some questions that I would sure like to hear the answers to.

I hope you are staying warm down there in sunny Florida.

Pamela, Kira and Scampi said...

I hope you have the answers for your kitties. I believe my kitties would ask some of the same questions, plus, why don't we have a blog like the big furry dogs do?????? (and your kitties!)

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Oh Drats!!! We forgot today was Answer Your Cat's ?????'s Day! We are going to have to figure out some to ask her!! As for the cool picture Mom made of me (Sam), she did it at picnik.com. It is a free photo editing site and it's free. You can pay to upgrade, but most of the stuff she uses is free and you don't have to download it. You just use it from the internet and you can access your pictures form other places like flicker and such.
Your (we sure will be glad when the warm weather comes back) FL furiends,

The Island Cats said...

We're gonna ask some of those same questions...specially the one about the stinky goodness 24/7...

Cory said...

Our #1 question...Why can't you open the door into spring???

The Meezers said...

OH NOES!!! We will haf to post tomorrow about this and our ferst question will be "why did you hide the National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day" from us?

Zoolatry said...

Dear Mom,
We would also like to know -- will it ever be warm again? When can we go to the beach?
Is snow on the way?
Isn't it time to move south?
From... all of us, including Maggy and Zoey up the road a-ways...
(PS - Ellie, check your email box)

Daisy said...

Those are some important questions! I would like to know why I cannot have a bowl of treats for dinner.

castle diva said...

Dear servants,

Why, oh why did you have to go vegan? When you were just vegetarian we got to enjoy stealing your ice cream, your cheese, the crumbs after the croissants...

Ms. P and Cinza

twenty pound tabby said...

With Donovan, it's pretty much always the same question - why aren't you petty me!?!?!?!
Mreow mrow, mreeeooooow.

The Creek Cats said...

Thanks a bunch for the well wishes for our Pop!!!
The Creek Cats and Maggie May

Shadow / Molly said...

Yes those are impatant questions, now did she answer them?

BeadedTail said...

Those are all very good questions. Isabella would ask why do beans complain that their legs are falling asleep when she's sitting on their laps for what seems like hours?

Anonymous said...

hahah Momma read a book explaining how to talk to your animals, and tried and tried.. she swears that on only one occasion did she hear like a "love you" but she put that down to tiredness.
I think she should try with me and practice more often.. she is always saying how much she wishes she could talk to us :)


Thoughts said...

Wow, those are some very good questions! We never thought to ask some of those!

Theodore and sasha