February 23, 2018

Shopping Around the World and Friendly Fill-ins.

Today is Shopping Around the world with our pal Bacon from PigLove

From Bacon's Blog:

Hello friends!!  Wasn’t all of the sandwiches from last month mouth watering?  We got so many ideas here at the Hotel Thompson.  What a blast!  This month we are going to throw a little twist to the Shopping Around the World.
We always concentrate on food but here’s the twist.  For February’s Shopping Around the World, we want a drink and snack food that you love.  Recipes, pictures are awesome and prices to be posted on:
Friday, February 23, 2018.
So mark your calendars and put on your thinking hats.  Is there a nightly ritual that you partake in before bedtime?  Maybe it’s something that you only do on the weekends.  Share with us in February ❤
One of Mom's favorite "sipping" vodkas is one she makes herself.  Very simple....pineapple slices and vodka.  The recipe is from the Capitol Grill.    Mom's infuser is glass like this one but with a different lid.  You can see the glass she drinks it from in our Flashback Friday photo below .
Pour the  Vodka directly over the fresh pineapple until the pineapple is covered with vodka. Allow to sit for 12-14 days to infuse the vodka with the pineapple.

Mom only does this when pineapple is BOGO.  You can use whatever vodka you like.
VODKA - $16.99/ 1,75 L bottle

Pineapple -  $4.99/1 whole cored 

For a snack....Mom is BAD.  If she has an evening snack it's usually something like THIS....

Directions - remove lid, insert spoon....enjoy!
Ben and Jerrys - $4.99/pint

Today is also Flashback Friday - what better photo than Angels Ellie and Cubby with Mom's DRINK!  (don't worry....she never got any.  Mom scooted her right away!)

One more thing!!!  We're pawticipating in Friendly Fill-ins sponsored by McGuffy's Reader and 15 and Meowing.

Allie is answering for us today.

1. My favorite president is ___Washington______ because __he was the first President and a founding father.  Without him our lives might be really different AND Mom lived in NJ where Washington crossed the Delaware.____.
2. This weekend, I have plans to  go to Egypt with Cat Scouts and my precious husband Mau______.

3. I        love    my    husband Mauricio .
4. I believe   that someday all kitties will have homes and be loved.  Maybe it's a dream but dreams can come true.


Lone Star Cats said...

Yum yum!

Mark Muller said...

it's 8:30 am here but I would like to try your pineapple drink right now LOL... and oh yes ben&jerry's... we love it!!!... but can you wait the 8 to 10 minutes the suggest on the packe while sitting next to the open jar with a spoon in your hand? mme not :O)))

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

My human loves that sipping vodka! She may even try it.

Anonymous said...

YUM on the pineapple vodka! Mom is gonna give that a whirl. Ice cream is always yummy but my Mom is currently HOOKED on Pomegranate popsicles! LOL We like your fill ins too....I got to fill in today instead of my Mom for a change.

Hugs, Teddy

Brian said...

That pineapple drink would make for a happy weekend!

Katie Isabella said...

Goodness...what a great idea. I wonder if Angel Sammy's mommy makes the pomegranate popsicles?

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I forgot about the shopping around the world :( Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I sure hope that dream comes true.Have fun in Egypt, my Sammy will see you there. It took him 4 tries to pass the test.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Vodka and pineapple - sounds yumy. We have Capitol Grille here too - great restaurant!!!

Mom's downfall is Haagen Daaz - any flavor, but Caramel Cone is at the top.

Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

da tabbies o trout towne said...

guyz....we dunno....momz "snax" lookz prettee tastee ta uz !!! ☺☺♥♥

The Swiss Cats said...

That sounds very yummy ! Purrs

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

That's such a fantastic idea! Love the picture of Ellie with her nose in Mom's drink :)

Pam Greer said...

I'm making pineapple tequila this weekend!

The Island Cats said...

The mom says that pineapple vodka looks very good! Purrfect for summer.

Sandee said...

You love your husband like I love my husband. I like that. I also like your answer to question four. That is my wish as well.

Have a fabulous weekend. ♥

Anonymous said...

It seems many chose Washington, for reasons that are valid. He was definitely brave!

Your dream is a good one and I hope you are right!