October 21, 2014

Tasty Tuesday....a review

We were given the opportunity to review Primal Freeze Dried Turkey Liver Munchies for chewy.com.  We jumped at the chance because these treats are pawsome for both kitties AND wooffies.  As you know, we love it when we can all share a treat (and yes, we're pretty polite and share nicely).

Mom loves it when we have treats we love and that are good for us.  Here's the description of Primal Freeze Dried Turkey Liver Munchies:

Primal Turkey Liver Munchies Freeze-Dried Dog & Cat Treats, 2-oz bag

The Primal Pet Foods treat line was created for dogs and cats with the goal of providing wholesome, human-grade snacks containing no preservatives, gluten or grain. All Primal Treats are produced using USDA meats, poultry and game raised in the United States and New Zealand without antibiotics or added hormones and are available in a variety of cooking styles, as well as protein sources including venison, buffalo, turkey and chicken. Primal Treats are produced using low-temperature, slow-cooking techniques such as freeze-drying and slow roasting, yielding high-density nutrition in a shelf-stable snack product. All Primal Treats are single-source proteins and offer a healthy choice for all pets, especially those with food allergies. Primal treats are recommended to be used as a snack alternative, as well as for training and obedience rewards.
Key Benefits
  • Turkey raised in the United States without antibiotics or added hormones
  • Single-source protein
  • Healthy treats for dogs and cats
  • High-protein snack
  • No preservatives
  • Grain and gluten free
  • No added salt or sugar
AND....here is the "list" of  ingredients
Turkey Liver 
That made Mom really happy.  As for us......well, we think the video will show you what WE thought about them....

Thanks to chewy.com for the opportunity to review these treats.  We really loved them and know you will too.  Want some of your own?  Click HERE for the Turkey Liver treats or check out the other yummy flavors HERE.

We were not paid for this review but we did receive the  DELICIOUS treats free of charge.

October 20, 2014

It's TockTober Day!!

Every year, October 20 is the date we celebrate TockTober.  The date is in honor of our pal Derby's birthday!  This is what was posted on the CB the first year we participated:

Help us celebrate Derby’s birthday by posting a ‘Tocktober photo on October 20th. Show us your best back-side this ‘Tocktober

We're doing our best to show off our Tocks today to celebrate Derby's Birthday!

Allie Tocks

Ellie Tocks

Raz Tocks

Cubby Tocks

Cousin Trooper....

Archive photo from when Cousin Trooper lived with Auntie El

Angelic Tocks.....

Angel Tamir

Angel Sniffie

Angel Clifford

Please stop by the Tabby Cat Club  too.  Derby  hosted TockTober there yesterday!!

October 19, 2014

Easy Like Selfie Sunday

It's Sunday....time to get your EASY on and check out the pawsome Selfie photos at The Cat On My Head

Here's Ellie's attempt at a Selfie for this week using Mom's phone.

Doesn't she have beautiful blue eyes?

Now that we've taken our selfies, we're going to spend the rest of the day snoozing....how about you? 

The Tabby Cat Club is having  'TockTober in honor of Derby's birthday today....we'll be showing our 'tocks here tomorrow! 

October 18, 2014

Photo Hunters ROCK and Caturday Cat Art

This week's Photo Hunters theme is ROCK.

The kitties at the park where Mom walks know that people feed them in special spots.  This is Momma Cat eating on a ROCK near where she lives.

Today is also Caturday Cat Art Blog Hop.

We put Momma's picture in a frame on a dresser.  We wish that was in a loving forever home.  We used Enjoy Pic for the frame.

See more great Photo Hunters posts HERE.
See more Caturday Cat Art HERE.

October 17, 2014

Flashback Friday with Angel Tamir

Did you know that Angel Tamir used to model the beds on Mom's website and for the displays at Cat Shows?

Did't he look great in that sleek faux mink bed?

October 16, 2014

Happy Birthday to our Mom

Today is our Mom's birthday.  She's eleventy billion two hundred zillion years old.  Wow...that's REALLY old.  At least she's not too old to open the stinky goodness cans for us!!

We never know what to give her for her birthday...um....unless you count the little "presents" we leave her on a regular basis.  We've decided to do a comment-a-thon!  Mom will donate 50 cents per comment (up to $50) and will donate it to YOUR favorite rescue!  How cool is that?

Comments will be accepted until Saturday 11:59 pm!  That gives you two full days to comment!!

October 15, 2014

The Annual Cat Blogosphere trip - Niagara Falls

Welcome to the 2014 Cat Blogosphere trip to Niagara Falls - Hosted, as always, by the amazing Gracie!

photo by Gracie
Sammy drove the bus....there were loads of great sights along the way....

photo by Gracie

We made a quick stop for gas and some of us decided to check out the barrels.  Raz, Sammy, Gracie, Allie and Madi checked them out for size and comfort....


Ellie went first......

Allie seems to have changed her mind but it was a bit too late.....

The Birman girlz survived and shared "barrel" stories as they dried off...

We spotted the Oscar Mayer winermobile right outside the entrance to the park......and decided to take a family photo.

want to see more of the trip?  Visit the Tabby Cat Club today and tomorrow. Don't forget to add your link below

October 14, 2014

Tuesday with Allie

Raz shared pics of his special Girl Madi and the Fish Rodeo at  Cat Scouts yesterday.  Today I want to share pics of my special ManCat Mauricio from The Cat On My Head.

First, Mau shows how to ride a Fish at the fish Rodeo...

Photo My Mau's Mom
Then he caught this super cute and funny fish that had a Hello Kitty tiara on it!

Photo by Mau's Mom

Together in his canoe named Allie's Dream, he gave me the Hello Kitty tiara as well as a pink Hello Kitty life vest to keep me safe.

Photo by Mau's Mom

And look...............he won Funnies Fish!!

Award by Sammy

I'm so proud of MY handsome ManCat!!

October 13, 2014

Proud ManCat Monday

My special girlfriend Madi has joined Cat Scouts!   Last week our pal Scout Pete hosted a Fishing Rodeo.  We had loads of fun fishing, riding the carousel and enjoying loads of fresh fish cooked up by the Pete and Raz Fish Truck.

Isn't my girl Madi adorable in her fashionable waders???

Here we are fishing together.....

Whoa........look at the size of the fish Madi caught!!!

Madi won First Place in the Biggest Fish Competition!  Isn't she wonderful?

Award by Sammy

I'm so lucky to have such a special girl!!!

October 12, 2014

Easy Like Sunday Selfie

Once again we are TRYING to pawticipate in The Cat On My Head's Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.

We've all been working on our selfies.   Raz has had the best luck....but not as good luck as some of our pals have.  This was taken with the Cat Selfies app on the iPad.

No,  your eyes aren't seeing things....it's super blurry.  Now we're going to take it EASY for the 
rest of the day.

What are your plans?