February 24, 2016

Shopping Around the World

Once again we are participating in Bacon's Shopping Around the World!

From Bacon's blog:

This month we have a suggestion from my brother Easy.  This month we are highlighting PASTA - what is your favorite PASTA dish?  How do you make it?  What kind of noodles do you use?  What is in your PASTA?  There is no limit count on ingredients - Share your recipe and picture!
Meet back here on Wednesday, February 24th, 2016 to share your recipe and pictures!

Our recipe today is from a favorite Italian cookbook of Mom's

We're making Spaghetti alla Carbonara Olga 
2 small white onions, chopped
4 T butter
1/2 cup dry white wine 
5 slices of BACON, chopped
3 eggs, beaten
2 T Chopped parsley
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
Liberal amount of milled black pepper
1 pound spaghetti

Saute onions in butter until soft.  Stir in wind and add bacon; cook until wine evaporates.  In a large bowl put beaten eggs, parsley, cheese and black pepper; beat.   Cook spaghetti al dente; drain.  Fork spaghetti from pot into bowl, toss and garnish with onions and bacon.  Serves 4-6

Onions - $1.99/lb
Butter - $3.99/lb
Dry White wine  (might as well be drinkable!!) $6.00

BACON! - $4.00  (sale price)
Eggs - $2.39/ dozen
Parsley .99/bunch

Parmesean cheese - BOGO  $4.49  ($2.25/6 oz tub)
Spaghetti - BOGO  $1,59 (.80/1 lb box)

This is not a photo of Mom's but it looks a LOT like it....now Mom is hungry!

We cant wait to see everyone else's yummy posts!  Thanks Bacon for sponsoring Shopping Around the World!


meowmeowmans said...

Oh wow, that sounds delicious, and we love that it's not too expensive to make. Thanks for the recipe. :)

Madi and Mom said...

Mom says she'd gladly eat pasta 3 times a day!!
This looks yummy
Hugs Madi Raz's gal

Terri said...

I love just about anything with bacon!

Anonymous said...

YUM! Anything with bacon in it I'm READY!!

Hugs, Sammy

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We have to agree with Sammy. If there is bacon in there, then bring it on!!!

Woos - Ciara and Lightning

Anonymous said...

Dat sounds purretty good. At furst we read you was posed to stir in da wind and mommy was lookin' fur da eggs fur meringue. MOL Y'all enjoy dat meal and have a pawsum day.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

The Island Cats said...

That sounds yummy...'specially since it has BACON in it!

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

That sounds yummy. I can't believe I forgot to post recipe despite Sammy's reminders.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

I have recently tried cubed pork, a 1/2 minced jalepeno pepper, minced green pepper, and crushed canned tomato, simmered 30 mitues over thin shapghetti. It is "interesting" and I do it every couple weeks now. ~ TBT

Nellie Kowalik said...

Yummy, Yum! Yum!!!
Even mes would eats that!
Thanks for visiting mes on my new blog! Yous guys rocks!