November 30, 2021

The Adventures of Periwinkle and Stinky


As always, Periwinkle paced back and forth next to the Teleportation Tunnel waiting for Stinky to arrive.  There was a lot to pack into this visit and she hoped he would not be late.  At exactly the planned time she the familiar WOOSH and Stinky flew out of the tunnel and landed right in front of Periwinkle.  They hugged shared whisker kisses and spent some time catching up.

"What's up for today?" asked Stinky.   Periwinkle said they were going to be doing something fun but, first, they needed to remind everybody that today is Giving Tuesday.  "There are lots of great places to donate as we showed in THIS adventure last year," she said.  Both tabbies said they thought it would be nice to honor Angel Timmy and family's  Dad Pete who passed away by donating to the charities he named in his obituary which were Stray Cat Blues, Tiger Haven, Alley Cat Rescue, Stray Cat Alliance, Montgomery County SPCA, Kitty Cottage and any other no-kill cat rescues.  They held each other and wiped away tears since they both were so sad.

Periwinkle stood up and said they needed to get started because they had a big project to work on.  When Stinky asked what it was, she said they were going to help her Mom decorate for Christmas.  "YAY, I love Christmas," said Stinky.   Periwinkle handed him a Santa hat, took his paw and they went out to the garage where the tubs of decorations were stored.

They started with the poinsettias.  Periwinkle and Stinky agreed that Periwinkle's Mom was smart to only have fake ones since they are poisonous to cats!

Next up were the garlands,

Periwinkle's Mom had to help them carry in the big box of decorations.  As soon as she opened it Stinky and Periwinkle's fursib Reesie jumped right in!

As they took out the decorations Stinky gasped.  "OMC I had no idea Santa was so BIG.  These hats are ginormous!"   Periwinkle giggled and said those weren't hats, they were chair covers.  Stinky breathed a sigh of relief.  The idea of a Santa THAT big was kind of skeery.

"Speaking of big, this cat is pretty big" said Stinky.  Periwinkle agreed but said he was pretty quiet and never bothered them or tried to steal noms or treats.

"Periwinkle, who made this mess?  I hope it wasn't you" said Stinky.  "Nope, Mom did when she started to take out the towels and placemats."  Stinky was happy to hear that because he knew Santa was watching and didn't want Periwinkle to get in trouble.

The trees were up but not decorated and that was where they headed next.  First, they checked out the Family Room tree.

They got the ornaments for the living room tree out and started decorating.  

They found the garland and some lights.

"Hey Periwinkle, I didn't know Noelle had her own sign" said Stinky.   "Silly boy, that's not how you spell Noelle!!!  That was Mom's Nana's and she always puts it out for Christmas" she replied.  Stinky looked a little embarrassed by his mistake.  "Don't feel bad, I'm not good at spelling either and I love you no matter how you're spelling skills are" said Periwinkle.  Stinky blushed and smiled.  "Thanks Periwinkle, you know I love you too"

Periwinkle's Mom called to them and said it was getting close to time for Stinky to leave and they should stop working and have a snack so they headed outside for Temptations and Fancy Feast.

After taking a quick nap, sharing hugs and whisker kisses and visiting with Periwinkle's fursibs and Mom, Stinky stepped back into the Teleportation Tunnel to head home.  "Thanks for helping us decorate.  I know my Mom really appreciated it and so did I" said Periwinkle.  Stinky blew a kiss and with a WOOOSH headed home.


easyweimaraner said...

the mama would wish to had two fabulous helpers like periwinkle &stinky... but she had us... that was ... well... special LOL

Kitties Blue said...

Mom was really happy to know Stinky hadn’t made that mess on the table, and that he and Periwinkle were actually good helpers. We want to see the completed tree. We too thought those chair covers were hats. MOL. We are so happy our fun-loving tabbies had a fun adventure. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet
P.s. Sawyer sends Noelle a bajillion whisker kisses and love.

My Mind's Eye said...

one thing is 100% for sure two adorable heads are better than one when it comes to fun
Hugs cecilia

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

Great job decorating, tabbies!

Pam and Teddy said...

Well that was a wonderful visit - AND you helped Stinky's Mom get some of her decorating done. I have to admit while my Mom and Dad did decorating I just sat there like a lump and watched. I figured my kind of helping might not be very helpful...hahaha

Hugs, Teddy

CCL Wendy said...

You post is right up me alley! I love your characters and you did a great job storytelling.

By the way, I updated the link on Dani's blog. I tested it twice and it worked both times. Here it is for you to try: I hope it works here. Thanks for letting me know.

CCL Wendy said...

Sorry, I tested the link here and it doesn't work. Next time you're on our blog, try it again. Cheers!

Sandee said...

What a fun adventure. You two are so helpful. I know your mom appreciate it very much.

I laughed with the Noel part. Good one.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Scritches to the both of you and a hug to your moms. ♥

pilch92 said...

Decorating is so much fun. XO

Marvelous Marv said...

WoW! We love seeing you guys set up some of the christmas things at Periwinkle's house! That is a totally FUN post! Those chair hats are HUGE!
Our Mom says that we could help decorate this year, but she has not yet brought the decorations upstairs. She says that won't happen until St Nicholas Day (December 6). We hope you guys have a marvellously happy day!

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

14 trips up and down the stairs, maybe more, and all the boxes are now crowding the free space in the living room...and *she* was too pooped to do anything else with the contents! LOL!

You two were great assistants in the decorating chores!

Unknown said...

Thar was fun Periwinkle and Stinky. We felt we were right there decorating with you. Now, its time to decorate our place, Hand me the garland chewing first!

Unknown said...

What great helpers you two are! Mom puts p a decoration and I pull it down. Works for

da tabbies o trout towne said...

guyz....thiz izza grate and fun add venturez !!! thanx for sharin....eye am knot a loud ta has stuff out...sum thin bout chewin ??? cuzin daiz doez tho, sew knot fare....and hay, spellin....we noe all bout spellin heer !! ;) ♥♥

Kathe W. said...

Darling day with those two!

Brian's Home Blog said...

That was fun you two, you could come here and work your Christmas Magic too!

meowmeowmans said...

Wow! You two sure are good at decorating!

Katie Isabella said...

If Stinky doesn't mind that my tunnel is pink...I would like to invite you both here to help us out, Mom can't get it going yet.